What is the difference of a family trying to perform an intervention comparitive to a professional intervention

When families tried and facilitate an intervention on their own without professional direction – theses are some of the issues that may arise. The emotional stress of families trying to share their thoughts will be like the many times that you sat and tried to reason with your loved one to get help for substance abuse. when you tried and reason with an addicted person – the addicted will win every time because they are untreated and have many stops to push away love and support.

When you access an interventionist / professional – it becomes more real to the addicted person because of the severity of how the family is changing directions and working with a professional to not only help the untreated person also to help themselves to make changes. It is the investment of the family that will give the untreated person a glimmer of hope that maybe I can do this – and the family also makes changes in how to not engage and /or debate. Keeping conversations and communications directed by a professional. I always tell families that if you have a love one with a medical issues – would you tried and treat them – it is the same with an addicted person – families cannot treat an addicted person – the family needs an expert that can help treat the problem such as an addiction specialist.


Families particpating in treatment

Another successful intervention , upon finishing a two day of supporting the family, I was able to take this young person into treatment . The look in the mothers eyes and the since of peace knowing that finally her child is willing to get the help that she so badly needs.  I took the young person to Venture Academy . I was extremely impressed with the team at VA – the assessment process for young adults that was one of the best that I have seen for some time. It was wonderful again to be apart of another success through the family being invested and committed by walking through the intervention process.  


Dealing with a Family member that is resistant in an intervention

Canada – I am here to help another family that is suffering from watching their young adult use drugs and destroy her life. It is always very hard as families to unified together and rally around the untreated person to come to a decision to show vulnerability. Addicts  and persons with mental health issues tend to burn many bridges from families giving them chances over and over again .The untreated person continues to smooth the edges but after awhile the family just are defeated in their attempts.

facilitating an intervention – members go through many thoughts and questioning whether it is the best thing to do and /or if they have does something wrong and /or just want to say, when they are ready to change they do it , that it is not up to use to change.

What families need to know is that the untreated persons changes when the family takes the role to make the changes. If the family shows no interest in changing – the untreated person will follow suit. It is hard for families to wrap their heads around that because they have been hurt, violated and stomp on many times. They asked why do we have to change ? This is a good question to asked yourself? What are some changes that you can make as a family to change ????

The family has to make the efoort tp explore their own values and beilif also