Addiction is a Powerful disease. #addiction #services @canaminterventions

Sometimes it can be difficult hearing  parents in emotional pain feeling powerless and so upset because their loved relapsed one more time.

Part of the conversations parents have with me when their loved ones relapses includes ; why did they pick up drugs? how come they use drugs and alcohol again ? knowing what happened to them at the end of their addiction. It does sound insane to repeating  the same pattern over again, knowing the consequences of an addictive lifestyle. It may be insane for parents or friends to watched their loved ones go back to using drugs and living a destructive lifestyle. Addicted folks repeat the same patterns over and over again, expecting different results, but the rational thinking to use drugs can be lethal.

When persons start using drugs or alcohol, their  brain becomes activated with an obsession to use drugs or alcohol, no matter of the negative consequences. Drugs or alcohol becomes a greater need to fix their emotions or thoughts . The compulsion to use alcohol or drugs is more powerful because the disease of addiction is more powerful than the need to want to not use drugs.

It is really important for friends/families to understand that an addicted person may want to stop using substances ,They are powerless over stopping the use of drugs once the compulsion or obsession is alive and the decision to use drugs.

Addicts or alcoholic are the last person to know they will use drugs or alcohol themselves, until they are injesting a substance in their bodies.

#Relapse starts way before drug or alcohol use.

Addiction is an insidious and irrational disease that will continue to challenge addicts, which is part of personal work and development that all  addicts or alcoholics need to surrender to get treated for addiction.

“Joining the winning side”.

Addiction is the disease of denial believeing that there is not a problem, justification of the use of drugs or alcohol.

Part of addiction is related to an disconnect with self and others. Addicted folks tend to check out emotionally and mentally with the use of drugs or alcohol,to to not have to deal with relationships or addicts tend to become extremely codependent with unhealthy relationships.

It is very difficult for people with addictions to have healthy relationships with families or people in general. They are in fear that people will find out who they are.  It’s imperative for persons with Addiction to continue on the path of recovery to remain abstinence from drugs or alcohol, to learn to trust in others to help them , have a solid structure foundation and remain accountable and consistent in their  recovery wellness community. Addicts cannot recover alone.

If you need help and do not know what to do, please reach out to Patricia Pike CEO of or interventionscanada.com23755005_10155831565788744_442147658666480079_n


Addiction is a Powerful disease. #addiction #services @canaminterventions


Adult Bullying in the Helping Field.

It is vitally important to do your research when you are looking for professional help for your loved ones Addiction or Mental health.

My professional experience of working in the Addiction and Mental Health field for over 25 years that professional bullying exist and is alive and real.

Recovery “states that there was something to recover from”. There are many folks that work in the Recovery field that have absolutely not training or experiences of being a professional. But consider themselves as someone that can provide professional advice, to someone in need of a professional or expert.

There are also professionals that continues to cause a pattern of destruction, lies, manipulation to get thier needs met with a Agenda that will go to any lengths to Bullying thier way to the top.

Professionally, I have learned who we’re my real colleagues through some bad experiences, I learned who were takers and who had thier own agenda’s,. It was like being thrown under the bus, to get their business needs met.

One of the greatest gifts of being under the bus, it  gave me time to process and be very clear to weed out folks that really never had my best interest , except for their own ego and agenda’s.I say this to the families looking for help to be careful when looking for the persons to advocate for your loved ones.


When a professional is hired that means it comes with the “law of ethics” and “professionalism”. Professionals does not cross the line of developing  personal relationships.

As a professional, you do not become friends with your client. As a professional, you have allot of power over your clients because they look to you as someone that can advise, direct in a difficult time in thier lives.

My  greatest gift as a professional is that I belong to a professional body that helps me to follow the ethical laws.

I get to Not be dragged down by unethical folks which I call adult bullies with their own agenda’s ,based on self centeredness and self directed, much like the untreated addictions.

My belief are that professionalism requires accountability,  if you have someone that continues to take, and have thier own agenda’s to get the job done , it becomes self will with no responsibility to a professional body.

I am So grateful that I am blessed with the gift of surrender. I  do not have to go to the level of the “disease of never enough” or “take the short cuts”, to achieve all that I get from the hard work and experiences that continues to give me ongoing training and practice skills under a professional body.

What I do know is that all things that are given with motives, untruth, and repeat patterns of destruction always Shows it’s truth in time.

I speak openly about this because I refuse to pretend that adult bullying and unethical practices are “Alive”, in the helping field and  “the sickness continues”. #wedorecover.

There are many great professionals that are apart of professional bodies that can help and direct you.

If you or your loved one is seeking help for your loved ones Addictions or Mental Health.

We are here to help. You can contact CanAm Interventions services both in Canada and the United States.


Is it too late to get help with Addictions?

28C054BE-8875-4F7D-A2D6-891C728BAE11It Is never too late to get help for drug or alcohol addiction. Addictions is an chronic disease, if not arrested through the process of recovery and abstinence, Addicts  can die.  Recovery is always possible.


Patricia Pike, CEO of Can Am Interventions provides support and help for families that are struggling with Addiction by  advocating  for families and untreated addictions, to provide an opportunity for to interrupt addiction and exposed the truth and introduce Recovery.


You can reach patricia pike at


Can Am Interventions & Case Management, helps with Alternative Treatment,for young Adults with Cannabis Addictions.

CanAm interventions operates out of Canada and the United States. Patricia Ceo has the gift of being able to work in both countries. She has worked in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver and had client from Hollywood Hills of California. I love diversity , she believes that there is a place for all her clients. And believes strongly in making a treatment plan that will work for her clients that may not be traditional treatment, using alternative treatments approaches is the key to working with young adults, and other disorders including addictions.

One of the programs that I have used , NOLS  program is an amazing fit for young adults . My experiences are making referrals to Arizona and Chile Nols programs.

A great alternative approach to treatment for young adults. It is important that young adults that are having difficulties with addictions to cannabis, to have experiencial, focus tasks, to help them rebuild developmental skills by using leadership and structure schedules and  independence.

Also, in my experience, it helps with clients with attachment disorders and /or have developed personality disorders, addictions of a result of complex trauma ( ptsd) or lack of development skills to launch in life.

To learn more about referrals or services- you can contact Patrici Pike CEO of CanAm Interventions.

e: Patti.pike@canaminterventions.com58873DDB-1832-4690-A95D-B29D0EFBA678



Can Am Interventions will help find the best treatment for your loved ones.

Can Am Interventions gives a Shout out to a few inpatient programs,  I referred too in 2017.

Altimira Treatment Program, Sausalitio California , Breathe Life Healing Center LA , California , Cirque Lodge Utah , Avalon Malibu,, Malibu, California, Olympia House Petaluma, California , Valley Recovery Center, Sacramento, California , Beach House Treatment Center, Malibu, California , Driftwood Treatment Program, Austin Texas, Bright Future Recovery Detox, Hollister, California  ,Beacon House, Monterey, California  , New Found Life, Long Beach , California , Duffy’s Treatment Center, Calistoga, California , Serenity Knolls, Knolls, California , Camp Recovery, Scott’ Valley, California , North Bay Recovery, , San Rafael, California, Bayside Marin, San Rafael, California , Meadows Treatment Center, Scottsdale, Arizona, , Edgewood Treatment Center Namino, BC  ( Canada) , Orchard Treatment Center, Bowen Island, BC  ( Canada), Top of the World ( Canada), Sagewood for Women Maple Ridge, BC  ( Canada),Wilderness Treatment Center, Montanna , Yes We Can ( Holland), Charlford House for Woman( , Burnaby, BC Canada), Five Sister Ranch, Petaluma, California , Nols Program, Arizona and Chile.




Patricia is very conscious of working with many programs both in the United States and Canada. She does not work or not affiliated with any one treatment programs.

Can Am Interventions believes meeting  each case with an open mind to give the best opportunity to provide a treatment plan and best outcomes.


For more information you can reach out by emails:



Professional Interventions saves lives

I’ve had a very interesting and successful month, helping many families and successfully managing, treatment placement throughout the U. S, Canada and the UK. Thank you to the hardworking professions, working in treatment programs treating addictions, mental health and complex trauma, helping to transform untreated persons lives.


The statistics of professionals facilitating interventions shows that 85% of persons intervened on will accept treatment on the day of an intervention. The other 15% will eventually either go into professional treatment modalities or seek some type of help for their addictions.

If you have a loved one struggling with addictions or complex trauma and mental health. Can Am Interventions can help.

visit my website at

contact: 415-827-3725 or email

Patricia CEO has worked in the addiction and mental health field for over 25 years both in Canada and the United States.

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Hiring a Professional Interventions with credentials.

2017, been extremely busy for me helping many families both in Canada and the United States.

-One common denominator is the suffering and pain of loved ones seeking help for Addiction or complex trauma or mental health suffers from emotional distressed of loosing their loved ones life and being held emotionally hostage by their loved ones disorders.


– I challenge all my colleagues to continue yearly professional training to better assist the persons that we work with.
– Using best practice approaches and modalities can be a “life saving effort”, to help an untreated individual.
– I am a big believer that in order to deal with an untreated persons, takes allot professional training & skills to be flexibility in your skill set.
– Not all persons suffering with emotional, mental, or trauma related to addiction or mental health, respond to one Way approach of accepting help.
– I challenged you as professionals to have high expectations of the people you work with.
-I am seeing/hearing and experiencing ,so many people that have business degrees working as case managers, recovery coaches, and using the word consultants as a way to get their foot in the door to work as a professional.
– This will continue the family patterns of insanity, destruction and ongoing crisis.
– Transference & Counter Transference is a huge part of non skilled persons relationships with clients.
– Crossing the line of personal relationships which create unethical practices.
– It is interesting that some folks think they can work in this professional field with little or no professional training to try and do the work of a trained professionals. #professionalism. #ethicsfirst

If you need help finding a professional resource, at Can Am Interventions, we are here to make sure that your needs are met with professional help.

Patricia has over 25 years working in Addiction , Mental Health and Families with the highest level of credentials.