Can Am Interventions will help find the best treatment for your loved ones.

Can Am Interventions gives a Shout out to a few inpatient programs,  I referred too in 2017.

Altimira Treatment Program, Sausalitio California , Breathe Life Healing Center LA , California , Cirque Lodge Utah , Avalon Malibu,, Malibu, California, Olympia House Petaluma, California , Valley Recovery Center, Sacramento, California , Beach House Treatment Center, Malibu, California , Driftwood Treatment Program, Austin Texas, Bright Future Recovery Detox, Hollister, California  ,Beacon House, Monterey, California  , New Found Life, Long Beach , California , Duffy’s Treatment Center, Calistoga, California , Serenity Knolls, Knolls, California , Camp Recovery, Scott’ Valley, California , North Bay Recovery, , San Rafael, California, Bayside Marin, San Rafael, California , Meadows Treatment Center, Scottsdale, Arizona, , Edgewood Treatment Center Namino, BC  ( Canada) , Orchard Treatment Center, Bowen Island, BC  ( Canada), Top of the World ( Canada), Sagewood for Women Maple Ridge, BC  ( Canada),Wilderness Treatment Center, Montanna , Yes We Can ( Holland), Charlford House for Woman( , Burnaby, BC Canada), Five Sister Ranch, Petaluma, California , Nols Program, Arizona and Chile.




Patricia is very conscious of working with many programs both in the United States and Canada. She does not work or not affiliated with any one treatment programs.

Can Am Interventions believes meeting  each case with an open mind to give the best opportunity to provide a treatment plan and best outcomes.


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Professional Interventions saves lives

I’ve had a very interesting and successful month, helping many families and successfully managing, treatment placement throughout the U. S, Canada and the UK. Thank you to the hardworking professions, working in treatment programs treating addictions, mental health and complex trauma, helping to transform untreated persons lives.


The statistics of professionals facilitating interventions shows that 85% of persons intervened on will accept treatment on the day of an intervention. The other 15% will eventually either go into professional treatment modalities or seek some type of help for their addictions.

If you have a loved one struggling with addictions or complex trauma and mental health. Can Am Interventions can help.

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Patricia CEO has worked in the addiction and mental health field for over 25 years both in Canada and the United States.

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Hiring a Professional Interventions with credentials.

2017, been extremely busy for me helping many families both in Canada and the United States.

-One common denominator is the suffering and pain of loved ones seeking help for Addiction or complex trauma or mental health suffers from emotional distressed of loosing their loved ones life and being held emotionally hostage by their loved ones disorders.


– I challenge all my colleagues to continue yearly professional training to better assist the persons that we work with.
– Using best practice approaches and modalities can be a “life saving effort”, to help an untreated individual.
– I am a big believer that in order to deal with an untreated persons, takes allot professional training & skills to be flexibility in your skill set.
– Not all persons suffering with emotional, mental, or trauma related to addiction or mental health, respond to one Way approach of accepting help.
– I challenged you as professionals to have high expectations of the people you work with.
-I am seeing/hearing and experiencing ,so many people that have business degrees working as case managers, recovery coaches, and using the word consultants as a way to get their foot in the door to work as a professional.
– This will continue the family patterns of insanity, destruction and ongoing crisis.
– Transference & Counter Transference is a huge part of non skilled persons relationships with clients.
– Crossing the line of personal relationships which create unethical practices.
– It is interesting that some folks think they can work in this professional field with little or no professional training to try and do the work of a trained professionals. #professionalism. #ethicsfirst

If you need help finding a professional resource, at Can Am Interventions, we are here to make sure that your needs are met with professional help.

Patricia has over 25 years working in Addiction , Mental Health and Families with the highest level of credentials.

Can Am Interventions Vancouver, British Columbia.

Can Am Interventions is very excited for the near future specifically in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada related to the Intervention training and Family Enhancement Intensive Workshops.

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  • My intervention trainings in Canada seemed to be taking on a role of its own. Patricia Pike CEO of Can Am Interventions is currently mentoring 16 new intern interventionists in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, to support their professional goals to become certified intervention professionals.
  • Can Am Interventions offers trainings three times a year, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Calgary Alberta, Canada and in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and opened to the professional community.
  • Can Am Interventions is in the process of creating a workbook for Recovery Coaches providing community resources skills, for all types of persons working with addiction or mental health. Meeting clients needs.
  • Patricia Pike CEO of Can Am Interventions is writing a book that will relate to my personal and professional with a focused on Complex Attachment Trauma & Addiction.

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Helping others out of Addictions & Mental Health @ Can Am Interventions.

What inspired you to pursue your profession?


I believe strongly in fairness, equality and passionate about helping identify patients and their families, get back on track to live authentic lives with purpose and dignity. I have worked with many persons from all walks of life that has given her much experience that includes; diverse cultures and first nation populations, music and entertainment industry, business and professionals, adolescents, adult’s persons, coming from a client centered focus, using unique and alternative approaches. There are many folks that suffer with complex Attachment and Addiction or Mental health diagnoses that need professional help. It is normal for families to want to try and treat their loved ones, one of the most important aspects of my work if to educate families on how to deal with addiction or complex issues in a family. I love my work, passionate about advocating for families, advocating for untreated persons, provide solutions and exposing the truth so everyone can tell their own story.

Teamwork couple hiking help each other trust assistance silhouette in mountains, sunset. Teamwork of man and woman hiker helping each other on top of mountain climbing teamI am 26 years in recovery, that struggled with my own addiction for many years, opiates were my drug of choice, and clearly understand that not all addicts have the same story, but they have the same addictive traits which I love to watch the light of exposure work when you have family members and identify patients accept help. then I get the emails from families telling me the great things that their loved one is doing with their lives, that is what inspires me, and the other thing that gives me the energy to continue on with this work is that I get addiction. I do believe that my calling is to do what I do, from my first intervention until today, I love doing what I do. I worked over 17 years in many treatment modalities that gave me the experience and understanding, to put together a booklet, provide training to other professional.


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Can Am Interventions & Case Management Service:

Description of your company and the products/services you offer:

Intervention Word Circled Calendar Help Addiction Treatment
Intervention word circled on a calendar by a red pen or marker to remind you of assistance, help or treatment for friend or family

We offer Alcohol/Drug Interventions, Family Interventions, complex mental and trauma intervention, long term Case Management for Families and their loved ones. We work with Adults & Adolescent and families. We will facilitate Drug & Alcohol Intervention to break the cycle of destructive behaviors from the devastating cycle of addiction and complex mental health for adults, adolescents & their families.

Across Canada and the United States border, and across addictions, we will provide a caring yet effective and client centered individualized approach with After Care and Case Management with a continuum of care to clear the path to Recovery.
Patricia holds citizenship in both the U.S. and Canada, which gives her the diverse perspective of working in both countries. She has great compassion and is passionate about helping clients and their families get back on track to live authentic lives of purpose and dignity.

Patricia believes in helping to facilitates healing for the entire family and the patient is the entire family. There may be loved ones that have specific mental health diagnoses or complex addiction issues, when a professional interventionist exposure of the truth using a loving approach, it creates an opportunity for changes for the entire family system.