Interventions Saves Lives.

#savinglives #opiateskills #addictionisreal #mentalhealthisreal – I believe strongly that it is up to the untreated person to admit to their addictions. However, I will not pretend that Addiction to drugs and alcohol is not a “Phase”, it is real and has no conscience once activated. I got clean over 26 years ago from a horrible addiction that was out to kill me. There’s been much research done around Addiction and Mental Health in the last 26 years which has helped us as professionals to use various approaches, however, the nature of Addiction to drugs has not changed, it still has the same characteristics. Addictions may be showing up in many other ways, complex trauma and mental health diagnosis are address more, I believe strongly that persons with addiction, their brains are wired differently. I will say there are many other options and approaches for patients suffering from
Addictions or mental health . As a professional, I believe in client -centered approaches, meeting clients and supporting their needs , but I will not pretend that Addiction is a not deadly disease. Look at the stats in our country of people dying. This is not about labels. This is truth and what I see and listen to from families and the affects of drug or alcohol addictions have on loved ones that are powerless much like the untreated persons ( powerless over stopping the use of drugs or alcohol, once activated).

#addictionisreal @canaminterventions8DF0B4AA-084A-4CDE-8248-C8AAB925664B


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