Hiring a trained interventionist in Canada and the United States @ CanAminterventions

Patricia Pike of CanAm Interventions spent last week in New Orleans attending a three day comprehensive intervention training. As a senior interventionist working in the Addiction and Mental health field over 25 years and 9 years as a family interventionist. Ms.Pike believes strongly in continuing education for professionals.


When working with family dynamics and business organizations, it is imperative to be alternative in my thinking , to meet clients and address their needs.

if you are looking for a professional interventionist that you want to invite into your home to help sort out complex issues such as addictions or mental health and help your family to make changes. It is imperative that you look to a highly trained professional.

Many families are in crisis at the time of hiring a professional which can be a very stressful time. It also can bring much freedom  to your family, to start the process of family healing and creating a new story  for your family.

Taking the Arise Training at Tulane University in New Orleans was another professional moment, learning new skills to better help families.

If you or your loved one are seeking professional support, you are reach out to Patti.pike@canaminterventions.com



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