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My theory of dealing with entrenched addictions, mental health and poverty, is coming from healthy attachment model providing a humanistic sense of safety , Secure place of belonging.

At CanAm Interventions , CEO Patricia Pike Addiction Specialist and Interventionist  has intervened on many resistant, untreated folks , the trick is coming from a place of Love,  providing a structure plan to break down the cycle of resistance for Addictive behaviors. Patricia is also over 26 years in her own personal recovery from a long terms opiate addiction from a young age, someone that been there and lived the life of addiction, she knows full well, the nature of addiction.

The importance of building a basis needs and foundation of resources without enabling can be what implements changes in a persons life such as;,using short & long term case management, treatment  planning for folks with chemical dependency and mental health.  Along with providing access to treatment on demand , rent control , low income resources such as; more access to lowering cost for bus passes, ( all of this is very costly in Vancouver ), detox on demand.


Canada needs to look at changing the  criminal laws/ system, related to drug possession and trafficking illegal drugs . In the 1970’s, sentencing for possession /traffickers was automatically 7 years in prison . In the 1980’s , it was harder to obtain drugs because it was not as free on the streets because of the criminal laws that were enforced.

I am not a big believer of putting people in jails or prisons, however someone needs to take responsibility for addicts suffering and dying from overdoses, the drug lords are getting rich on drug sales.
Mandatory treatment in jails is essential for the “suffering addict”, or drug courts need more recognition for case management and recovery coaches  can be an important Part of providing  resources to help with transition from jails, detox. It is important to have more professional services such as; psychologist, psychiatrist, mental health treatment modalities, not having strictly 12 step model approaches.

I believe strongly that not all untreated persons will recover from 12 step model approach/some folks will need the alternative treatment approaches dealing with basic relational connections and services for complex trauma,.

It is important to acknowledged that all professionals and services  Make a difference in all approaches to help the suffering untreated persons.

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If you need help for your loved one, CanAm Interventions is available to help.



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