Why is it so hard to love yourself? #addictionservices #complextrauma @canaminterventions.com @interventionscanada.com

The cycle of unworthiness. Does it start from birth of a child? If parents does not have the internal resources of love, belonging and safety, it makes allot of sense that a child that is brought into the world would start thier young life with that same type of attachment to a negative sense of self. #attachmentdisorders relates to not having internal connections with self or others. It is very common for persons that have a hard time loving themselves, to use drugs or alcohol, find unhealthy relationships, and develop complex trauma and/or mental health disorders.

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    At CanAm Interventions, Patricia Pike CEO of both CanAm Interventions and Interventionscanada, is very familiar with attachment disorders. She has helped and treated persons with #addictions,#complextrauma, #attachmentdisorders.
  • With over 25 years working as a professional in addictions and the mental health field both in Canada and the United States. She worked in Vancouver, British Columbia for over 14 years #DowntownEastside, San Francisco #tenderlion for many years working with a diverse of people. Patricia a native of Canada moved to the United states 11 years ago and started her private practice 9 years ago, she has much experience working with all types of persons from the street addict to working with movies stars, musicians, professional , and venture capitalists. It is very clear to Patricia that all of these folks have one thing in common,
    connection issues” the destruction of their own lives and those around them, as a result of not being able to love themselves.


At CanAm Interventions, we are here to support recovery and healing to help families and loved ones to go one step deeper than addiction, to understand attachment disorders and how to start the process of regaining purpose and self identity in your life.

If you are a parent, sibling, brother, sister or a concerned friend that have tried everything to get your loved one help, and they continue to relapsed on drugs or alcohol or unhealthy traits. We are here to help you understand,untreated attachment disorder.

For more information, to find the best treatment and professional support. We are here to help with professional services to match the best model of treatment for your loved one and your family.






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