Addiction is a Powerful disease. #addiction #services @canaminterventions

Sometimes it can be difficult hearing  parents in emotional pain feeling powerless and so upset because their loved relapsed one more time.

Part of the conversations parents have with me when their loved ones relapses includes ; why did they pick up drugs? how come they use drugs and alcohol again ? knowing what happened to them at the end of their addiction. It does sound insane to repeating  the same pattern over again, knowing the consequences of an addictive lifestyle. It may be insane for parents or friends to watched their loved ones go back to using drugs and living a destructive lifestyle. Addicted folks repeat the same patterns over and over again, expecting different results, but the rational thinking to use drugs can be lethal.

When persons start using drugs or alcohol, their  brain becomes activated with an obsession to use drugs or alcohol, no matter of the negative consequences. Drugs or alcohol becomes a greater need to fix their emotions or thoughts . The compulsion to use alcohol or drugs is more powerful because the disease of addiction is more powerful than the need to want to not use drugs.

It is really important for friends/families to understand that an addicted person may want to stop using substances ,They are powerless over stopping the use of drugs once the compulsion or obsession is alive and the decision to use drugs.

Addicts or alcoholic are the last person to know they will use drugs or alcohol themselves, until they are injesting a substance in their bodies.

#Relapse starts way before drug or alcohol use.

Addiction is an insidious and irrational disease that will continue to challenge addicts, which is part of personal work and development that all  addicts or alcoholics need to surrender to get treated for addiction.

“Joining the winning side”.

Addiction is the disease of denial believeing that there is not a problem, justification of the use of drugs or alcohol.

Part of addiction is related to an disconnect with self and others. Addicted folks tend to check out emotionally and mentally with the use of drugs or alcohol,to to not have to deal with relationships or addicts tend to become extremely codependent with unhealthy relationships.

It is very difficult for people with addictions to have healthy relationships with families or people in general. They are in fear that people will find out who they are.  It’s imperative for persons with Addiction to continue on the path of recovery to remain abstinence from drugs or alcohol, to learn to trust in others to help them , have a solid structure foundation and remain accountable and consistent in their  recovery wellness community. Addicts cannot recover alone.

If you need help and do not know what to do, please reach out to Patricia Pike CEO of or interventionscanada.com23755005_10155831565788744_442147658666480079_n


Addiction is a Powerful disease. #addiction #services @canaminterventions


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