Adult Bullying in the Helping Field.

It is vitally important to do your research when you are looking for professional help for your loved ones Addiction or Mental health.

My professional experience of working in the Addiction and Mental Health field for over 25 years that professional bullying exist and is alive and real.

Recovery “states that there was something to recover from”. There are many folks that work in the Recovery field that have absolutely not training or experiences of being a professional. But consider themselves as someone that can provide professional advice, to someone in need of a professional or expert.

There are also professionals that continues to cause a pattern of destruction, lies, manipulation to get thier needs met with a Agenda that will go to any lengths to Bullying thier way to the top.

Professionally, I have learned who we’re my real colleagues through some bad experiences, I learned who were takers and who had thier own agenda’s,. It was like being thrown under the bus, to get their business needs met.

One of the greatest gifts of being under the bus, it  gave me time to process and be very clear to weed out folks that really never had my best interest , except for their own ego and agenda’s.I say this to the families looking for help to be careful when looking for the persons to advocate for your loved ones.


When a professional is hired that means it comes with the “law of ethics” and “professionalism”. Professionals does not cross the line of developing  personal relationships.

As a professional, you do not become friends with your client. As a professional, you have allot of power over your clients because they look to you as someone that can advise, direct in a difficult time in thier lives.

My  greatest gift as a professional is that I belong to a professional body that helps me to follow the ethical laws.

I get to Not be dragged down by unethical folks which I call adult bullies with their own agenda’s ,based on self centeredness and self directed, much like the untreated addictions.

My belief are that professionalism requires accountability,  if you have someone that continues to take, and have thier own agenda’s to get the job done , it becomes self will with no responsibility to a professional body.

I am So grateful that I am blessed with the gift of surrender. I  do not have to go to the level of the “disease of never enough” or “take the short cuts”, to achieve all that I get from the hard work and experiences that continues to give me ongoing training and practice skills under a professional body.

What I do know is that all things that are given with motives, untruth, and repeat patterns of destruction always Shows it’s truth in time.

I speak openly about this because I refuse to pretend that adult bullying and unethical practices are “Alive”, in the helping field and  “the sickness continues”. #wedorecover.

There are many great professionals that are apart of professional bodies that can help and direct you.

If you or your loved one is seeking help for your loved ones Addictions or Mental Health.

We are here to help. You can contact CanAm Interventions services both in Canada and the United States.



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