Can Am Interventions & Case Management, helps with Alternative Treatment,for young Adults with Cannabis Addictions.

CanAm interventions operates out of Canada and the United States. Patricia Ceo has the gift of being able to work in both countries. She has worked in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver and had client from Hollywood Hills of California. I love diversity , she believes that there is a place for all her clients. And believes strongly in making a treatment plan that will work for her clients that may not be traditional treatment, using alternative treatments approaches is the key to working with young adults, and other disorders including addictions.

One of the programs that I have used , NOLS  program is an amazing fit for young adults . My experiences are making referrals to Arizona and Chile Nols programs.

A great alternative approach to treatment for young adults. It is important that young adults that are having difficulties with addictions to cannabis, to have experiencial, focus tasks, to help them rebuild developmental skills by using leadership and structure schedules and  independence.

Also, in my experience, it helps with clients with attachment disorders and /or have developed personality disorders, addictions of a result of complex trauma ( ptsd) or lack of development skills to launch in life.

To learn more about referrals or services- you can contact Patrici Pike CEO of CanAm Interventions.

e: Patti.pike@canaminterventions.com58873DDB-1832-4690-A95D-B29D0EFBA678




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