Hiring a Professional Interventions with credentials.

2017, been extremely busy for me helping many families both in Canada and the United States.

-One common denominator is the suffering and pain of loved ones seeking help for Addiction or complex trauma or mental health suffers from emotional distressed of loosing their loved ones life and being held emotionally hostage by their loved ones disorders.


– I challenge all my colleagues to continue yearly professional training to better assist the persons that we work with.
– Using best practice approaches and modalities can be a “life saving effort”, to help an untreated individual.
– I am a big believer that in order to deal with an untreated persons, takes allot professional training & skills to be flexibility in your skill set.
– Not all persons suffering with emotional, mental, or trauma related to addiction or mental health, respond to one Way approach of accepting help.
– I challenged you as professionals to have high expectations of the people you work with.
-I am seeing/hearing and experiencing ,so many people that have business degrees working as case managers, recovery coaches, and using the word consultants as a way to get their foot in the door to work as a professional.
– This will continue the family patterns of insanity, destruction and ongoing crisis.
– Transference & Counter Transference is a huge part of non skilled persons relationships with clients.
– Crossing the line of personal relationships which create unethical practices.
– It is interesting that some folks think they can work in this professional field with little or no professional training to try and do the work of a trained professionals. #professionalism. #ethicsfirst

If you need help finding a professional resource, at Can Am Interventions, we are here to make sure that your needs are met with professional help.



Patricia has over 25 years working in Addiction , Mental Health and Families with the highest level of credentials.


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