Can Am Interventions Vancouver, British Columbia.

Can Am Interventions is very excited for the near future specifically in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada related to the Intervention training and Family Enhancement Intensive Workshops.

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  • My intervention trainings in Canada seemed to be taking on a role of its own. Patricia Pike CEO of Can Am Interventions is currently mentoring 16 new intern interventionists in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, to support their professional goals to become certified intervention professionals.
  • Can Am Interventions offers trainings three times a year, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Calgary Alberta, Canada and in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and opened to the professional community.
  • Can Am Interventions is in the process of creating a workbook for Recovery Coaches providing community resources skills, for all types of persons working with addiction or mental health. Meeting clients needs.
  • Patricia Pike CEO of Can Am Interventions is writing a book that will relate to my personal and professional with a focused on Complex Attachment Trauma & Addiction.

You can reach out to or visit our website

http://www.canaminterventions or



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