Helping others out of Addictions & Mental Health @ Can Am Interventions.

What inspired you to pursue your profession?


I believe strongly in fairness, equality and passionate about helping identify patients and their families, get back on track to live authentic lives with purpose and dignity. I have worked with many persons from all walks of life that has given her much experience that includes; diverse cultures and first nation populations, music and entertainment industry, business and professionals, adolescents, adult’s persons, coming from a client centered focus, using unique and alternative approaches. There are many folks that suffer with complex Attachment and Addiction or Mental health diagnoses that need professional help. It is normal for families to want to try and treat their loved ones, one of the most important aspects of my work if to educate families on how to deal with addiction or complex issues in a family. I love my work, passionate about advocating for families, advocating for untreated persons, provide solutions and exposing the truth so everyone can tell their own story.

Teamwork couple hiking help each other trust assistance silhouette in mountains, sunset. Teamwork of man and woman hiker helping each other on top of mountain climbing teamI am 26 years in recovery, that struggled with my own addiction for many years, opiates were my drug of choice, and clearly understand that not all addicts have the same story, but they have the same addictive traits which I love to watch the light of exposure work when you have family members and identify patients accept help. then I get the emails from families telling me the great things that their loved one is doing with their lives, that is what inspires me, and the other thing that gives me the energy to continue on with this work is that I get addiction. I do believe that my calling is to do what I do, from my first intervention until today, I love doing what I do. I worked over 17 years in many treatment modalities that gave me the experience and understanding, to put together a booklet, provide training to other professional.


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