Addiction is a Deadly disease, that can be interrupted with professional Interventions.

Addiction is a deadly disease that continues to win with persons that struggling to stop using drugs or alcohol.


Chemically Dependecy is The deadly of all addictive behaviors. It is the lifestyle that kills drug addicts. The body starts to show signs of how internal organs break down. We can be fighters in life with a strong way of dealing with a lifestyle of active addiction and having an unmanageable life, but when the function in the body breaks down, it becomes a medical issue.
If persons are more interested in using drugs and not taking responsibility for their health, the ultimate will happen.

The power of denial for Addicts of how they want to control their lifestyle and think in someways, that things are not do bad.

Jail, institutions, overdoses, loosing family members, jobs, education and being caught in the cycle of finding and getting more drugs or alcohol to survive becomes a commonality of how Addicts live.
Addicts loose track of time, and put themselves in situations, and environment that could set themselves up for death.
Families become baffled their loved ones, gets out of a hospital of a drug overdose, to go back to using drugs soon after.
During my family education groups , I help families understand that an addict is usually the last person that knows they are going to use, until they inject the drug into their bodies.
Once the drug is activated, the addict is high from the drug, the cycle stArts all over again.

Drugs are powerful, it takes away the uncomfortable of ones life, it takes awAy the physical pain of coming of drugs, it helps to cope with the drug addiction lifestyle. It becomes part of the persons life.

Addiction is a cunning , powerful disease that will rob untreated folks of their life, steal from families and eventually, it will kill the addict.

For more information about Drug Addiction or if your family need help to interrupt the disease of Addiction in your family. Can Am Interventions is here to help.

For more information. Visit my website:


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