Time Magazine photo journal of what is happening in the US on Fentanyl addictions @canaminterventions @interventionscanada


My eyes are not dry as I write this…

This is a brutally honest photo journal http://time.com/james-nachtwey-opioid-addiction-america/ of what is happening in the US and I’m sure it’s no different in Canada. Be warned there are some pretty strong and tragic images.


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Can Am Recovery Companionship and Clinical Case Management Services @ Can Am Interventions @Interventions Canada:


Can Am Recovery Services is passionate to help families and their loved ones on their journey in recovery. Patricia Pike CEO of Can Am Interventions , Interventions Canada and Can Am Recovery Services; is a native of Canada and has dual citizenship in United States . She has worked professionally in the addiction and mental health field in both countries for over 25 years.  Our services are both in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and San Francisco Bay Area, California offering Recovery Sober Companionship, Clinical Case Management and Assessment Treatment Planning, to help individuals that are suffering with addictions, mental health, complex trauma and/or relationship issues.


  • Studies have indicated that the 90 days of treatment gives the best outcomes for importa long term recovery.
  • The data is clear that relapse rates are after treatment and the majority of people with an addictive disorder or mental health have at least one relapse.
  • It is another well-known fact that the majority of relapses happen within the first three months after treatment and up to sixty percent of those suffering substance abuse disorders relapse.
  • With relapse rates as high as 75% after treatment, it has also been proven that one/one, sober companionship and family coaching services, can be highly successful part of recovery.

Drawing on my professional experience of over 25 years professionally working in addiction and mental health treatment and over 26 years on my own personal recovery process, I am very clear on how to best support clients on the journey of recovery using many treatment modalities and approaches .

At Can Am Recovery Services, our mission statement, is that are persons working at Can Am Recovery Services will be required to be trained in the addiction studies and/or in the  mental health field.

SERVICES related to Sober & Recovery Companionship and Case Management:

  • Assessment and treatment planning are part of the process of meeting the needs of our clients, to formulate a recovery plans for long term recovery and treatment outcomes.
  • Working with families by creating a new Mission statement and Recovery message to support can the process of making changes for the entire family system.
  •  It is vital for families to have some involvement in thier their loved ones recovery process. That does not mean that the family need to be involved in all the details of their loved ones therapeutic processes. However, it is important for the families to be part of the solution and become educated on how to communicate and start the journey of healing together.

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CanAm Recovery Services @ CanAm Interventions in Canada and the United States

I am very happy to announce that CanAm Interventions will be adding CanAm Recovery Services both in Canada and throughout the United States that includes; Sober Companionship, Clinical Case Management for both families and clients (assessment & treatment planning), Transportation Support and Treatment Placement.

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CanAm Recovery Services Mission statement: That all professional services provided by CanAm Recovery Services will adhere to professionalism , ethics, experience, education and continuing education.


CanAm Recovery Services team members will be trained and monitored by Patricia Pike, CEO of CanAm Interventions.


Hiring a trained interventionist in Canada and the United States @ CanAminterventions

Patricia Pike of CanAm Interventions spent last week in New Orleans attending a three day comprehensive intervention training. As a senior interventionist working in the Addiction and Mental health field over 25 years and 9 years as a family interventionist. Ms.Pike believes strongly in continuing education for professionals.


When working with family dynamics and business organizations, it is imperative to be alternative in my thinking , to meet clients and address their needs.

if you are looking for a professional interventionist that you want to invite into your home to help sort out complex issues such as addictions or mental health and help your family to make changes. It is imperative that you look to a highly trained professional.

Many families are in crisis at the time of hiring a professional which can be a very stressful time. It also can bring much freedom  to your family, to start the process of family healing and creating a new story  for your family.

Taking the Arise Training at Tulane University in New Orleans was another professional moment, learning new skills to better help families.

If you or your loved one are seeking professional support, you are reach out to Patti.pike@canaminterventions.com


Arise Intervention Training @ CanAm Interventions

‪Patricia Pike CEO ,CanAm Interventions is attending three day Arise Interventions Training in New Orleans. The importance of continuous professional training is the key to successful goals working withfamilies.#interventionscanada

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